Snow Climatology

Snow climatology:

Most snow events in central North Carolina occur between 5 am and 2 pm. which is also the critical time for school buses and commuting motorists. The timing of snow and ice is of concern since most winter storm deaths are the result of automobile accidents.


Heavy wet snow accumulations combined with wind can bring down trees and power lines. In rural areas, heavy snow can isolate people in their homes for days. Driving in snow can become very hazardous the very moment snow starts to stick to the road. About seventy percent of all winter related deaths occur in automobiles when cars slide on slippery roads causing accidents.


When snow falls and roadways become dangerous you should only travel when absolutely necessary. Staying off the road during snow and ice also allows department of transportation crews time to clear and treat roads surfaces.


Preparing for the next winter storm before it happens is best. When snow is in the forecast, make sure that you have enough food and medicine at your house to last several days. Also make sure there is enough fuel for alternative heat sources such as fireplaces (wood or gas) and heaters and have a full tank of gas in your car.