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Ready Durham!

Have a plan for when you must leave your home.

Decide how your family will leave your home if there is an emergency. Select a safe place to meet outside your home. Practice your home evacuation plan.

Make a Communication Plan

Your family may not be together when an emergency happens, so plan how you will contact one another. Decide what you will do in different situations. Pick a friend or relative outside the Durham County area whom family members can call, text or email in an emergency.

Pick a meeting place away from home.

This can be the place where your family can meet if you are separated from each other and your home. Identify persons with access and functional needs.

Make plans ahead of time for anyone in your home who has special needs, such as medicines or medical equipment. make sure that you will have the things they need during an emergency.

Prepare a home emergency kit

Include enough food, water, medical supplies and other needed items for each family member for three days. Remember to check your kit every six months to make sure you have what you need, and check your medicines to make sure they have not expired.