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How to Use: Users need to navigate to the binoculars highlighted in yellow in the image below:

Type your address into the search by and click the green Go button!

Once you hit Go,the browser will zoom you into your parcel as shown below, presenting a red outline on your parcel as well as a new results banner along the bottom of your screen.image_2_userguideGomaps.PNG

You will find below a legend which will help you navigate the points, lines and the floodplain shapes found on the map.

The Flood Hazard areas are labeled to reflect the relative risk of flooding for a given storm event.

The relative risk of flooding of the Flood Hazard Zones, in descending order is:
1.) The Regulatory Floodway, these areas are labeled: “AE-Floodway”;
2.) 1% Annual Chance Flood Hazard areas, which are labeled: “AE” (formally called the 100-year flood plain);
3.) Future Conditions 1% areas, which may be labeled “X – 1% Future Conditions” if zoomed in closely with space permitting.

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