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Local Emergency Planning Committees(LEPC)

What is the LEPC?
The LEPC is a group of concerned individuals from different local agencies and businesses within Durham County who ensure that our community has the emergency planning and response capabilities to effectively prevent or mitigate emergencies and disasters.
What is the Durham County LEPC’s Mission Statement?
The mission of the Durham County Local Emergency Planning Committee is to help our citizens, industry and local emergency responders prepare for all hazards by developing a comprehensive community program that includes the development of emergency response plans, implementation of plan exercises, and provision of public education programs.
How can you find out more about Chemical Safety and the Community Right to Know program in Durham County?

Chemical inventories, information about specific chemicals, and risk management summaries are maintained by the Durham County Emergency Management Agency. For more information, please contact Durham County Emergency Management at (919) 560-0660.

How do I file my Tier II Report?
Durham County Tier II Reporting Requirements
“In an effort to reduce the reporting burden for local industry, Durham County has adopted E-Plan as the approved method for filing Tier II reports. This follows North Carolina Tier II Reporting Requirements approved by the State Emergency Response Commission.”

Creating an account with E-Plan and filing electronically will meet State and County requirements.

More EPCRA and Tier II guidance from the State of North Carolina can be found at:  EPCRA guidelines and Tier II guidelines.
The NC SERC conducted an in-depth review and concluded that a standardized, internet-based system would benefit the users and filers of Tier II information. Experience shows internet-based submissions improve compliance and reduce costs for the regulated community. This process also provides an effective data management tool for emergency management officials and the first-responder community. Facilities can quickly update information such as chemical lists, material safety data sheets (MSDSs) and contact information on-line as circumstances within the facility change. This allows responders access to real-time, up-to-date information.
North Carolina Tier II Reporting Requirements
Special Instructions: North Carolina only accepts Tier II information submitted through E-Plan (see the website below for more details).
North Carolina Emergency Management
EPCRA Coordinator
4236 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-4236
Phone: 919-436-2746

Durham Local Emergency Planning Committee Brochure

Durham Local Emergency Planning Committee Application

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